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Our Story

The building, originally a hardware store, was bought by Duck Hess in 1978 and was named "The Riptide". Sold to Bob Vill in 1983, the name changed to "The Fogcutter". Managers Brian and Linda Lemcke worked for Bob for two years before purchasing the bar in 1985. Kelly Jessup, came to work for his aunt and uncle in 1994 and worked there for over 20 years before purchasing the bar in 2015. The Fogcutter has been a family run business for over 30 years. The Fogcutter serves spirits from Southeast Alaska's first distillery, Port Chilkoot Distillery including their award winning, 50 Fathoms Gin. Always on tap, locally brewed flavors from the Haines Brewing Company and Juneau's famous Alaska Brewing Co.
The Fogcutter is committed to serving the community of Haines where the locals go to get the finest brews and handcrafted cocktails. We are known for sponsoring many events including, the Alcan Snowmachine Road Rally Relay, the Southeast Alaska State Fair, and our Annual Mardi Gras Party.
The Fogcutter is also a major sponsor of 3 local non-profits.
We also have an outdoor beer garden for those warm summer nights. Stop by and say hello, have a drink, and don't forget your's where the locals be!

Come have a drink or a smoke in our beer garden!
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